The Baitul Aman Jame Masjid complex commonly known as guthia mosque of Barisal , is a mosque complex of Bangladesh having a land area of 14 acres land area of the national mosque Baitul Mukarram of the country . The baitul Aman jame masjid complex consists of a mosque, a huge eidgah ,a graveyard , three lakes, madrasha and an orphanage . Established n December  16,2003. Guthia mosque is also a tourist spot in Bangladesh


Construction of the complex began in December in 16 december 2003 under the superviosion of sas foundation. The complex is a private initiative of sharfuddin ahmed , a local politician and businessmen. the mosque took four years and one month to be completed . The complex is  was designed by a group of Bangladeshi architects. The cost of construction in those times was 200 million BDT. The complex inaugurated on October 20,2006 , with three great lakes , a mosque, an orphanage , a madrasha, an eidgah and 58 meters high minaret construction of white marble.

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